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Re-enable Lync Click to Call in IE 10 and 11

By May 29, 2014November 13th, 2020Blog, Hot Technology Topics, Lync Server 2013

In the newer versions of Internet Explorer, some add-ons are disabled automatically to improve performance of the browser. Unfortunately, one of the add-ons that tends to get disabled is the Lync click to call feature. To re-enable it, follow these steps:

1)   Click the gear in the upper right corner of IE


2)   Click manage add-ons


3)   Scroll down to find Lync Browser Helper and Lync Click to Call. Right click on each of them and click ENABLE (If they are already enabled, do not click DISABLE).


4)   Both Lync Browser Helper and Lync Click to Call should now both say ENABLED


5)   You should now see the Lync Click to Call icon next to any phone number in IE.

Andy Shaffer, PEI

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