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Pros of Standing Desks

By January 18, 2017September 11th, 2020Best Practices, Blog
Standing Desk woman

Standing Lowers Your Risk of Weight Gain

Standing for a few hours out of the day has been shown to burn 170 more calories than if you’d spent that time sitting.  You’re also more likely to move around more which burns even more calories.

Standing Desk Reduce Back Pain

Sitting in an office chair is an unnatural position.  Our bodies were not built to sit all day.  Standing for even a few hours a day can strengthen your back and decrease the amount of pain you feel.

Standing Desks Improve Mood and Energy Levels

It’s easy to become sleepy leaning on your desk with your head in your hands.  That’s not an option with a standing desk.  Several studies have shown that standing lowers your stress level and improves productivity.

Next month we’ll discuss the cons of standing desks!

Brandi-Ann Moore, PEI

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