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Polling a Cisco ASA Across a VPN Tunnel

By July 31, 2017June 3rd, 2021Blog, Cisco
Diagram of Site-to-Site VPNs for Cisco ASA

We had an issue where we could not poll a Cisco ASA with SNMP from through the VPN tunnel.  When we looked at the tunnel stats via “show crypto ipsec sa peer <peer-ip-address>” we could see traffic was being decrypted from the polling station and getting to the ASA firewall, but would not be encrypted from the ASA back to the polling station.  What we found was that the firewall was setup with a route pointing for the remote polling network ( that was pointing out the outside interface

            route outside

This was causing the SNMP responses from firewall to go straight out to the internet ISP.  When we removed this route, the return traffic would get encrypted and sent across the VPN to the polling station as desired.  It should be noted that non ASA bound traffic would go across the VPN in either case, but only return traffic from the ASA would get miss routed based upon the specific outside route statement.

Jason Howe, PEI

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