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PEI Help Desk

By October 25, 2010August 28th, 2020Blog, Complete Managed Care

PEI Help Desk

PEI is always working on new ways to implement technology to support our customers; recently a decision was made to begin using a software program from Best Practical called RT or Request Tracker.  PEI primarily operates using Microsoft’s Project; each new project is tracked in detail with engineer’s time and billing.   Customer’s issues that come up after a project need timely attention.  We created a new email address and any issued emailed to this address will automatically create a ticket in RT and a response is immediately emailed back with the ticket number.  All tickets are placed in a queue.  Tickets are then assigned and monitored.  A detailed history is retained for each ticket and a knowledge base is maintained for further research. 

-Randy Blair, PEI

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