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Passing Control + Alt + Delete through a VM into a Remote Session

By September 29, 2015August 5th, 2022Blog

Have you ever needed to pass Cntrl + Alt + Del through to a remote connection? In the world of IT consulting this is a necessity. Most remote terminal tools have built-in abilities to pass the keyboard combination without the overlying OS seeing so and acting upon them. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to change a password and each time your press Cntrl + Alt + Del your local computer comes up with the Windows Security screen. Now let’s take this a step further. Now you are running a Virtual Machine on your local computer, and needing to make a remote connection and change a password. This adds even more complexity because of the extra overlaying Operating System. If you find yourself in this predicament and your forehead can no longer take the beating into the desk, then here is your solution. Try using Cntrl + Alt + End. This emulates the same keyboard press as Cntrl + Alt + Del but passes it through the remote session into the remote operating system.

Hopefully this will save your forehead for future endeavors with a new issue.

Danny McLean, PEI

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