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Managed IT Services Give you a Partner, Not a Replacement

By February 18, 2016September 11th, 2020Blog, Managed Services

Managed IT Services can provide companies with the opportunity to outsource a wide range of tasks to reduce the complexity of internal IT environments and ultimately reduce operational expenditures. Managed Services allows companies to focus on core business values, competencies and customer service. Free from the daily mundane tasks of network management, IT administrators and management can focus on supporting the growth of their business.

When you read “outsource” in the first sentence and got a feeling of disconnect, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, the term outsource has earn a reputation for taking peoples jobs to replace them with a cheaper solution. As this is true in some cases, when outsourcing your IT to PEI’s Managed Services we become your partner, not your replacement. Our team of engineers have the ability to proactively monitor any aspect of your environment. From the daily routine tasks to the monitoring of a complex environment, the goal is to have IT work for you and not against you. With access to a broader range of technical expertise you will see a reduced support costs by minimizing outages.

With increased IT complexity, in a highly connected world, Managed Services are no longer just about the network and on premises hardware. More so, Managed Services have evolved to bundled offerings with greater functionality. These bundled services can be found in business continuity solutions and services, support and advisory services, Cloud services and support, advanced network monitoring and the all-encompassing proactive maintenance and monitoring. If you are burdened by an overwhelming array of regulatory, compliance, security policies you NEED to have a conversation about Managed Services. Again, the goal is reduce IT complexity, while lowering operational expenditure, Managed Services will ultimately save you money!

As the premier Managed Service provider in the Rocky Mountain region, PEI can support you now and into the future. We have the ability to support your company’s growth at a moment’s notice. We are not here to take your job. We are here to help you!

Matt Dixon, PEI

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