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Office 365 Migration and Email Address Policy Inheritance is Disabled.

By June 6, 2016August 5th, 2022Best Practices, Blog, Microsoft, Office 365, Office 365
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I’ve been asked this same question on every single Office 365 migration. “What if over the years we’ve unchecked that inherit address policy box?”. The answer is, your migrations for those users will fail. Of course you always have the option to manually check each user prior to batch creation. If you opt to automate this the following will help you.

You must have “Automatically Update email addresses based on email address policy” enabled in the environment in order to migrate to O365. Users must have the in their email addresses prior to a user migration.

To enable for distribution group

  • get-distributiongroup -resultsize unlimited -server “DAGNODE1” |  Set-distributiongroup -EmailAddressPolicyEnabled:$true


  • get-mailcontact -resultsize unlimited -server “DAGNODE1” |  Set-mailcontact -EmailAddressPolicyEnabled:$true

And for the reset of mailboxes haven’t been set

  • get-mailbox -resultsize unlimited -server “DAGNODE1” | where{$_.EmailAddressPolicyEnabled -ne $true} |  Set-Mailbox -EmailAddressPolicyEnabled:$true

Brandon Stuart, PEI

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