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Office 365 – Curing Some Technology Anxiety

By January 23, 2014September 9th, 2020Best Practices, Blog, Hot Technology Topics, Microsoft

It is no secret the age we live in is based primarily around communication and technology. Technology has become such a crutch to our society that it can directly dictate our levels of stress and anxiety. How many times have you seen someone become anxious because their phone/computer/tablet battery won’t last the night, flight duration, or some other scenario? The interesting thing about this is that most of us carry 2-3 devices on us at all times. However, when our computer dies, most of us cannot move over to our phone or tablet to finish our work. Communication between devices in something Microsoft has put at the core of its cloud platform.

This is one of the advantages that Microsoft’s Office 365 platform allows users to do. Each license of Office 365 can be loaded onto up to 5 devices. That means that you can have your work computer extended to 4 more devices that you can work seamlessly at like you were at the office. Use your phone, tablet, or home computer to access and work on documents from outside the office in seconds. Say you want to finish up a few reports from your computer on a long flight and your computer dies – just pop open your tablet and continue where you left off! This alleviates some of the anxiety and stress of the employees working outside of the office. Definitely one of my favorite features of Office 365 and really is a HUGE benefit to companies who have traveling/work from home employees! Check out more about Office 365 features here: 

Adam Lee, PEI


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