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NX-OS and ACLMGR Command

By September 3, 2015September 11th, 2020Blog, Hot Technology Topics

Found a great command for viewing and troubleshooting access-list on the Nexus NX-OS command line.

“show run aclmgr”

The “show run aclmgr” run from a NX-OS switch will show you all the access-list defined on the switch it will also show you the interfaces that they are attached to and the direction which they are applied. Seeing these two pieces of information together really helps in troubleshooting Access Control Lists (ACL).

All I would like to see is the addition of hit counters on the ACLs, but I guess you cannot have it all.

Here is an example of the “show run aclmgr” run on a Nexus Switch:

Pei-Bld-Core01# show run aclmgr

 !Command: show running-config aclmgr

!Time: Tue Jul 21 10:14:46 2015

 version 5.1(3)N2(1)

ip access-list 25

10 permit ip any


3 permit udp any eq bootpc

4 permit udp any eq bootps

12 permit udp any eq bootps

19 permit udp any eq bootpc

20 permit udp any eq bootpc

ip access-list Inbound-from-PEI

10 remark Allow traffic from production

15 permit ip

20 permit ip

30 permit ip

ip access-list Outbound-to-Leadership

10 remark Allow ICMP Rules

20 permit icmp echo

30 permit icmp echo

40 permit icmp echo

50 deny icmp any echo

ip access-list Outbound-to-PEI

10 remark Allow traffic to production

15 permit ip

20 permit ip

30 permit ip

 interface Vlan105

ip access-group Outbound-to-Leadership out

 interface Vlan113

ip access-group Inbound-from-PEI in

ip access-group Outbound-to-PEI out

interface Vlan701

ip access-group PEISOURCE-OUTBOUND in

Jason Howe, PEI

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