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No Forklift Needed- Microsoft Lync

By May 10, 2011August 5th, 2022News, PEI News

No Forklift Needed

With the ever growing interest of Microsoft’s Lync, a common question that is asked to PEI by customers and prospects is, “We’ve already invested into a different phone system, can we still use Lync?”  The good news is, yes, you can run Microsoft Lync alongside your current phone/communication infrastructure.   From its very beginnings of LCS then onto OCS and now Lync, Microsoft has understood the fact they are competing against established communication providers and that in order for them to be able to compete and win market share, they need to create a product that can “play nice” with the big guys out there.

Through a direct partnership with Microsoft, PEI’s engineering team has been able to implement Lync for many of our customers who have already made the big investments into other systems (e.g. Cisco’s Call Manager/Unity) but would like some of the features and benefits that Lync has to offer.  By utilizing a customer’s current network and server infrastructure, PEI is able to easily implement Lync to provide a customized communication platform for clients.  Whether it would be starting off with the basics of Instant Messaging and Presence, all the way to having multiple phone systems ringing a single person, PEI is able to work within your investments to give a truly unified communications platform.  For more information on how PEI can work within your current environment to give you all that your company needs, please contact or 303.786.7474.

-Arash Zadeh & Jon Eyberg, PEI

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