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Nimble Storage’s InfoSight: A Game-Changer

By August 30, 2013September 9th, 2020Blog, Nimble Storage, storage

Nimble Storage’s InfoSight, a free offering with the purchase of any Nimble Storage device, is a data collection engine, online portal, and proactive monitoring service that is a completely new way to look into and monitor your storage device.

First, data collection: The InfoSight Engine is a complete data collection and analysis engine that provides analytics, modelling options and predictive algorithms that gives the user a unique, inside look into their storage environment. This also gives the user an unprecedented insider view into the real-time performance of their machine, obviously something previously unseen in the storage community.

Secondly, the InfoSight Portal: this is the floor-to-ceiling window into the InfoSight Engine. From the portal, the user can access the boundless data collected by the InfoSight Engine and create reports that can provide invaluable information.

Finally, Proactive Wellness: A previously unseen proactive alert system that monitors the health, overall performance and security gaps of the Nimble device. Not only does the user receive the alerts, but the Nimble support team will automatically create, and 7/10 times close, a ticket surrounding the problem. The best part? Most of the time the user doesn’t even realize that there’s an issue prior to receiving a closed ticket notification!

All in all – Nimble’s InfoSight has changed the game and is telling the rest of the storage world one thing – “Catch up.”

Dan Fisher, PEI

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