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All New OneDrive App for iOS Now Available

By August 16, 2017August 5th, 2022Blog, Microsoft, New Product Releases & Upgrades
onedrive app for ios onedrive across devices

Microsoft recently announced a big update to their OneDrive app for iOS. Although the version number is 9.1, this is a complete rewrite of the code under the hood and has some big improvements.

First up is new multi-page scanning. iOS users have long had to use third party apps to turn their high resolution cameras into scanners, but now if you use OneDrive, you can do it all from within the OneDrive app. Scan as many pages as you want and OneDrive will save them as a single PDF file in the folder of your choice.

For those times when data connections are spotty, OneDrive for iOS also now supports offline folders. You can select any folder by tapping and holding with your finger, then select the new Offline command. The folder and all its contents are then saved locally on your device and kept in sync as long as you have a data connection. When you don’t have a data connection, you can still access and work on your files.

In the Shared tab, there’s a new Discover pivot if you’re on a work or school account. This helps you find documents relevant to you based on the content you work on and who you work with.

So with all these new features and a ground-up rewrite of existing code, why is this 9.1 rather than 10.0? Only Microsoft knows.

Jeff Kirvin, PEI

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