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My First Attempt at Blogging: Here Goes Nothing

By September 13, 2011September 2nd, 2020Blog,

My First Attempt at Blogging: Here Goes Nothing

I am slowly chasing behind the social media bandwagon but at this pace who knows if I will ever catch up! I have no idea how to work Twitter (to the point just a year or so ago I had to Google what Twitter was), my LinkedIn profile wouldn’t even get me an interview let alone a job (lucky for me I have one), and Google+ is just mind boggling! And I’m not even old! At the glorious age of 21 I should be an expert on bars and Social Media! But hey, at least I got Facebook all figured out, you know all of those status updates, likes, pokes, locations and what not.  Maybe not totally figured out but at least I acknowledge their existences… some seem slightly creepy and unnecessary- do you really need to know where I am? But some people like to share, can’t judge you for that! Sharing is caring after all!

Social Media has not only developed a cult following but it is now even an essential business tool. As a marketing student the topic of social media has popped up time and time again. I initially struggled making the connection, but that is possible because I myself kind of stink at using all the functions and outlets of social media that are available. However as the intern of PEI one of my responsibilities is to learn and monitor our social media campaign and I am starting to grasp that connection. (While we are on the subject, you all should all like us on Facebook please!) Working on this project has exposed me to the business friendly capabilities of Social Networking; Twitter is an excellent way to share new insight, blogs, and give quick updates to our followers, LinkedIn is a great way for people to gather up some quick information about the company, and Facebook (while ours is still in the works) is a great way to interact on a more fun and social level with our fans. It also is a great medium to show off some of our fun and unique events! Seriously, check out the pictures from our Steak- Storage- Shooting- I guarantee you will be wishing you were there!

I am definitely still in the progress of learning how to effectively integrate social media, but I am already starting to see some of the benefits it comes with! I have learned to send messages on Twitter, build landing pages on Facebook, and use Facebook apps to send out blogs, I would say I am kind of catching up. Look! I even attempted blogging for the first time ever!

-Amy Nguyen, PEI

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