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Microsoft Office 365 Outlook 2016’s Upgraded @ Mention Feature!

Outlook Mention Feature small

Microsoft has upgraded the @mention feature within Office 365 Outlook 2016.  The ‘@’ symbol allows you to call attention to someone within an email—this highlights that person’s name in the email body & adds them to the ‘To’ address section.  In Microsoft’s most recent upgrade of this feature, the list pane of Outlook lets you know that you are being “mentioned” within the email with the blue ‘@’ symbol:

mention feature outlook 2016 list view

Something else new within your Outlook mobile app is that the ‘preview’ of the email will start where you are being ‘called out’:Outlook mobile app mention feature preview

You can also search for messages that mention you with this new feature.  If you receive a lot of email, you might want to filter the messages in a folder to see only those messages that mention you:

  1. In Outlook 2016 above the message list, choose the filter drop-down menu.
  2. Select Mentioned Mail from the list.

Search for mentioned mail Outlook 2016

Why is this helpful?

If you are like me, you get copied on a large amount of emails.  Sometimes I miss important information because I  do not have enough time to go through them all. With the @ symbol, contacts can make sure to call to my attention important information directed at me within a multiple-recipient email!

Also, the search function allows me to quickly filter those emails for even easier access.  Try it out and let us know below how you like it!

Adam Lee, PEI

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