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Microsoft Office 365 – Funding to Deploy Office 365

By April 15, 2014September 9th, 2020Blog, Microsoft, Office 365, Office 365

Did you know that Microsoft and PEI will pay you to deploy Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft’s SMB Advantage offer lets you earn money that you can use to pay for services from PEI.  When you make a qualifying subscription purchase for Microsoft Online Services, Microsoft will write you a check that you can use toward the deployment of Office 365.

PEI has had a number of customers take advantage of this offer, and in some cases, the payout from Microsoft was nearly enough to cover their deployment.  Our Account Managers can help you identify the products that are eligible, and file your Offer claims.

Microsoft Open License and Online Services purchases can both qualify.  Purchases made in April and May are eligible for funds, but you must act promptly.  Claims must be made within 15 days of purchase, and the program ends May 31st. 

For more information, check out Microsoft’s SMB Advantage page at:

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