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Microsoft Lync Secondary Ringer

By January 16, 2012February 21st, 2023Blog, Lync Server 2010, Microsoft

Microsoft Lync Secondary Ringer

One of the more handy features in Lync that I have found is the secondary ringer. Many times, I utilize my Bluetooth headset in conjunction with Lync. In previous versions (aka OCS 2007 or OCS 2007 R2), in order to hear the phone ringing I would have had to have my headset on my ear.

In Lync 2010, I can designate a secondary ringer so that when a call comes in and I don’t have my headset on, I can still be alerted via an audible method.

In order to define the secondary ringer, simply go to the Audio Device Settings:

Microsoft Lync Secondary Ringer Screen Shot

In the Options pane, you can select which device you want as a secondary ringer:

Secondary Ringer Options Pane

Just another great feature in Microsoft Lync.

-Adam Ball, PEI



  • Charlie Spencer says:

    Any idea how to set this up for text messages? It works for calls but incoming texts beep only on my headset, which I don’t wear until I hear a call ring.


  • ALee says:

    My assumption is that your headset is using the 1/8th inch jack (stereo) instead of a USB connection. If so, that is a function of the computer and not Lync. The computer automatically disables external speakers when something is plugged into that jack typically.

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