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Microsoft Lync 2013 Screen Sharing Issue

Microsoft Lync screen sharing always seems so straightforward. If you can IM someone, screen sharing just seems to work. But, on a recent Lync project, that just wasn’t the case. Some users could send screen shares but not accept others’ content, or vice versa. Still others were working fine.

When it didn’t work, users were presented with the error “An error occurred during the screen presentation”

It didn’t seem to be an infrastructure issue, since some screen shares were successful. It had to be something about the client.

Turns out, there were two Windows Updates, KB2760512 and KB2760556, which were causing the difficulty. Apparently, KB2760556 assumes that the prior update is already in place. If it’s not, and both are installed at the same time, this issue can arise. If KB2760512 is fully installed first (including requisite reboots), KB2760556 will install without issue.

The resolution is to remove both updates and install each manually, one at a time. It might also be necessary to reinstall the Lync client or repair Office after the removal and reinstallation.

Shane Skriletz, PEI

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