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Microsoft Lync 2013 – How to Share Content with a Non-Lync User

By April 23, 2013September 10th, 2020Blog, Lync Server 2013

Microsoft Lync 2013 – How to Share Content with a Non-Lync User

  1. Here’s how to share content during an active phone call by using Lync’s “Meet Now” option.
  2. People often ask how to share content with someone they are on the phone with, if the other user doesn’t have Lync.
  3. Notice within a phone call, if you try to share content, you don’t have the options.
  4. In order to do that, you would need to create a conference space.
  5. To create the conference space click the down arrow nest to the wheel and select meet now.
  6. This will open a conference call that you can invite the other user to join.  Notice your current call with them was put on hold.  To resume the call, click “Resume Call.”
  7. Now your conference space is available to invite people.  In this case you will need to invite by email.
  8. To invite by email, hover over the participants button, go to actions and select “Invite by Email.”  Outlook will generate an email that is populated with the meeting information.
  9. Once the user receives this, they can click the “Join Lync Meeting” link and they will be connected via the Lync Web App to the conversation.
  10. Once in the conversation, they have a couple options for audio.  You can maintain your current call audio and just share within the conversation, or if they have a microphone and speakers, they can use the audio from within the meeting space.
  11. IF you would like to transfer your audio to the meeting space, you only need to resume the call and hang up the original one.
  12. Now you are ready to start sharing content once they join the meeting.

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