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Microsoft Lync 2013 – How to Set up Simultaneous Ring or Call Forwarding

By April 24, 2013August 5th, 2022Blog, Lync Server 2013

Microsoft Lync 2013 – How to Set up Simultaneous Ring or Call Forwarding

  1. Simultaneous Ring and Call forwarding are great features for anyone who is away from their desk or out of the office
  2. When Simultaneous Ring is activated – the incoming call will go to both your Lync phone and the secondary number you designate, which is usually your cell phone
  3. However, with Call Forwarding, incoming calls never ring on your Lync phone and go straight to the number or contact you designate
    1. This is a great feature if you are out of the office and would like your calls to be forwarded to someone else on your team
  4. To activate Simultaneous Ring, click the phone icon at the bottom of the Lync Contact list
  5. Hover over ‘Simultaneous Ring’ to view the list of numbers you can select.  If you don’t see the number you would like you can manually enter it by selecting ‘New Number’
  6. When you make your selection it will read “Simultaneous Ring On” at the bottom of your contact list


  1. To activate Call Forwarding use the same phone icon at the bottom of the contact list.
  2. Hover over ‘Forward Calls to’ to see options of different numbers you can forward calls
  3. To forward calls to another contact or number click ‘new number or contact’ to bring up a secondary contact list
  4. You can right click on contacts to see different options on where to forward your calls
  5. Click a contact or enter a number and press okay
  6. At the top of your contact list it will alert you that Call forwarding is activated.
  7. Press turn off to deactivate

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