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Microsoft Lync 2013 – How to Park Calls and Retrieve Them

By April 25, 2013May 22nd, 2021Blog, Lync 2013, Microsoft

Call Park enables an Enterprise Voice user to put a call on hold from one telephone and retrieve the call later by dialing an internal number (known as a Call Park orbit) from any phone.

  1. The components that Call Park uses are automatically installed and enabled on the Front End Server or Standard Edition server when you deploy Enterprise Voice. However, you must configure Call Park before it is available to users.
  2. First we will make a call to demonstrate this
  3. Once it is picked up we hover over the ‘Phone and Mic’ icon and select ‘Transfer Call’
  4. Now we will select the Option ‘Parking Lot’
  5. We have now placed the call on hold in the parking lot
  6. On the call window we can see an alert that shows us the internal number to pick the call up
  7. We can choose ‘Retrieve’ to pick it up ourselves OR ‘Copy’ to send the number to another contact
  8. We will click ‘copy’, and paste the number into Martin’s Chat window so he can pick up the call
  9. Now all Martin must do is click the hyperlink to pick up the parked call
  10. However, he could also dial the ‘Call Park Orbit’ number in his Lync contact list to pick up the call as well

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