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Microsoft Lync 2013 – How to Check Your Voicemail

By April 29, 2013August 5th, 2022Blog

  1. To check your voice mail, go to the phone tab within the Lync client.  Your voicemails are listed below the dial pad.
  2. To listen to this voicemail from Andrea, I hover over it until my options appear
  3. click play
  4. The voicemail is also sent to Outlook as an email.
  5. To view the email, double-click the voicemail.  As an Outlook object, I can forward it and the voicemail will be attached as an MP3.
  6. In the body of the email is the voicemail preview.  Microsoft speech technology does its best to translate the speech to text.  Each word is a link to that part of the voicemail.
  7. When you click a word, the playback will start at that point.
  8. All voicemails are saved in a folder in Outlook and are searchable.  The client shows your most recent voicemails but to see all of them, click view more in Outlook.

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