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Microsoft Competencies are Changing, What this means for PEI

By June 15, 2010September 10th, 2020Blog, PEI News

Microsoft Competencies are Changing, What This Means for PEI

Microsoft Competencies help convey PEI’s expertise in specific or several core areas of technology.  By becoming experts in these core technologies our company becomes more recognizable by our prospective customers.  Microsoft’s aligns these competencies to customer campaigns to drive customer awareness and addresses specific customer demands.  Traditionally Microsoft rewarded organizations with a competency such as, Microsoft Gold Partner or Premier Partner.  These competencies will be a thing of the past soon.  Microsoft is taking on a more rigorous approach to their competencies.  PEI will be required to complete specific steps before receiving any competency.  Right now the IT industry is flooded with Microsoft Gold Partners and this new program will help prospective customers like you, differentiate what companies have actually mastered specific core technologies.

Advanced competencies will represent organizations who have demonstrated the highest, most consistent capability and commitment within a specific business solution area.  To receive an advanced competency PEI must demonstrate top of the line solutions as well as undergo a rigorous approval process. 

When Microsoft Gold and Premier Partner credentials are completely changed over, PEI will have the following competencies:

Midmarket Solution Provider Competency, Virtualization Competency, Desktop Competency, Server Platform Competency, Portals and Collaboration Competency, Identity and Security Competency, and Small Business Specialist Community Competency

PEI plans to strive towards achieving the most important competencies to our customers and prospective customers.  We also plan on tackling several of the advanced competencies when they become available in the fall.