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Microsoft Certification Exams

By November 4, 2010August 28th, 2020Blog, Microsoft

Microsoft Certification Exams

Every few months it seems there is a new “it” exam coming out from Microsoft.  How do you know which ones to take?  What is beneficial to my career?  Should I even take them?

To answer in reverse order, the answer is a resounding YES in regards to taking them and here are a few reasons why.

–          Most consulting companies, like mine, need their employees to have these certifications to be able to achieve partner status. This can make them the go to Microsoft partner on a certain technology for an entire region sometimes.

–          It also can help you get a leg up on any technology position you are applying for. Showing you are competent enough to pass an exam may put you on top of a resume stack.

Are they beneficial to your career?  You bet they are. They bolster resumes, encourage higher salaries, and assist in job retention. Many employers feel that they are the best measurement of a person’s skill set as well.

Now for the number one question; with so many out there, which ones do I take?

First and foremost I recommend the MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT Professional).  This is really the foundation of what I call your certification pyramid. With this in place you will gain not only the benefit of a core amount of knowledge, but most other certifications have some or all of these exams as requirements for other technologies.

After you complete your foundation you will have many choices. These may be decided by your interests or may be decided by your employer. No matter what direction you take, make sure to stay current on your chosen path. The technology of the world is an ever growing and fast paced environment, just because you have a certain certification today, doesn’t mean it won’t be obsolete tomorrow.

-Myke Schwartz, PEI

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