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Meraki MR32 Cycling and Not Connecting

By November 19, 2019September 23rd, 2020Blog, Cisco, Networking
Meraki Devices

I ran into a problem with an MR32 AP a while back with a client and it took a while to discover the true issue. I was working with a client to install an MX64 with an MR32 AP to provide wireless.

Once it came time to install the MR32, the lights kept cycling through different colors like it was trying to connect. The management interface was also unresponsive. With further testing, I could see the device grab an IP address, the configuration page starting to load, and then reboot…

This turned into a cycle.

I tried to factory reset the MR32 to clear the current config, but no luck, the same pattern emerged. I searched through Meraki documentation and opened a ticket with Meraki support about this. Couldn’t find anything documented and the case wasn’t helpful. I asked to have the MR32 shipped to us to try and use it in our lab to help troubleshoot further. Once the MR32 arrived, I plugged it in and…

It worked perfectly.

The problem?


There wasn’t enough power to keep the MR32 connected, so it went into a reboot cycle. The adapter the client was using supports 12v .5 Amps, whereas the MR32 requires 1.5 Amps.

Once the correct power adapter arrived, the MR32 started working perfectly.

Alison Wallick, Network Support Engineer

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