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Maximizing Your Return on Customer Service

By October 5, 2010August 28th, 2020Best Practices, Blog

Maximizing Your Return on Customer Service

Our business is driven by our customers. Usually we speak to our customers when there is a problem and rarely will they call to tell us how happy they are about a product or service. Why is this? Why are customers so quick to give feedback when they have an issue and yet so reluctant proactively provide positive feedback? Perhaps this is due to the fact that customer may think that we don’t care!

There are a number of things that organization can do to improve customer service and increase communication.

  1. Have CEO, CFO or CTO’s answer the phones every once in a while
  2. Share success stories and cases where individuals “went above and beyond” to inspire the team
  3. Allow staff to take ownership of specific accounts and customers
  4. Provide a direct dial to a customer so they know they can follow up with the same person every time
  5. Take the time to reach out to customers personally, build a strong report, and develop a deeper relationship beyond just the “sale”

When an issue arises:

  1. Accept blame by starting at the “TOP”
  2. Show compassion when dealing with an upset or unhappy customer, a little empathy goes a long way
  3. If you feel that someone has provided you excellent support for your issue, go to their manager and give them credit
  4. Recognize and appreciate outstanding service
  5. Be patient, listen, don’t interrupt, and talk “with” not at your customer

There are many “little” things that you can do to improve you customer service.

-Wilder Daniels, PEI

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