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Managing Mobile Devices with Microsoft Intune

By March 8, 2017September 16th, 2020Blog, Microsoft
Managing Mobile Devices Flowchart

We’re seeing a growing trend in organizations needing a more comprehensive and secure way to address their growing fleet of mobile devices.

Initially, most organizations seemed to be content with a loose, seat-of-the-pants approach that didn’t really have any focus on policy or practice. Now that they’ve lived with that a while, it’s obvious that the out of sight, out of mind approach is a bad idea.

With the proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace, employees can, and do, work from just about anywhere. To stay productive, this mobile workforce demands consistent access to corporate resources and data from any location on any device. This BYOD trend has introduced significant challenges for IT administrators who want to enable enterprise mobility while ensuring that corporate resources are protected from unauthorized access.

We found that leveraging Microsoft Intune allows you can deliver application and device management completely from the cloud or on-premises through integration with System Center Configuration Manager, all via a single management console.

Microsoft has also incorporated manageability and data protection directly into the Intune-managed Office mobile apps to help maximize productivity while providing the flexibility to extend these same management capabilities to your existing line-of-business apps through the Intune App Wrapping Tool. You can choose to manage the Office mobile apps with or without enrolling the device for management to protect corporate information without the risk of intruding on a user’s personal life.

Intune is included in Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security—a cost-effective way to use enterprise mobility cloud services for all of your employees.

Benefits of Using Intune to Secure Mobile Devices

  • Deliver and manage apps across a broad range of devices, including iOS, Android, Windows, and Windows Phone all from a single management console
  • Simplify administration by deploying required apps automatically during enrollment and allowing users to easily install corporate apps from the self-service Company Portal
  • Help maximize productivity with the Office mobile apps your employees know and love while preventing the leakage of company data by restricting actions such as copy/cut/paste/save in your managed app ecosystem, and extend these capabilities to existing line-of-business apps
  • Deploy certificates, WiFi, VPN, and email profiles automatically once a device is enrolled, enabling users to seamlessly access corporate resources with the appropriate security configurations
  • Provide comprehensive settings management for mobile devices, including remote actions such as passcode reset, device lock, and data encryption
  • Remove corporate data and applications when a device is unenrolled, noncompliant, lost, stolen, or retired from use
  • Extend your System Center Configuration Manager infrastructure through integration with Microsoft Intune to provide a consistent management experience across devices located on-premises and in the cloud

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Tim Krueger, PEI

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