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Managed Services – How does it benefit SMB’s

By January 21, 2014September 9th, 2020Best Practices, Blog

For those running small or medium scale businesses (SMBs), instead of managing their core business efficiently, they frequently end up managing their computer related head-aches more and more. By themselves.

It’s a reality. No business organization today can run without computers and no worthwhile computer operation is possible without a fool proof security system to guard against the increasingly sophisticated threats you face from viruses, worms, spyware, hackers, phishing and so on.

As business grows, the need for up-to-date IT support too becomes critical. IT facilities management, system integration and optimization of infrastructure too become complicated, in addition to managing the security issues.

But, for a medium scale Industrialist, would it be prudent to keep spending his productive hours in solving in-house computer problems, when the core business customer is breathing behind the neck for negotiating an order or for getting his deliveries on time? Definitely not.

Managing All IT Services In-house – Is it Easy?

Perhaps one can manage (or is already managing) one’s business computers and their security issues by employing a dedicated IT professional or a team of them. But in a small/ medium business, can the businessman really afford to pay through his nose and have an exclusive set-up for them?

Can one really afford to get the best of the talent in the field always? Even if done, is it possible to retain them? It is a reality that small businessmen many times are left wondering whether recruiting and retaining IT staff is more difficult than maintaining computers!

Fortunately, for the benefit of Small and Medium Businesses (SMB), a workable alternative solution to manage computer systems is available now a days. “Managed IT Service Providers” are now offering their service and it is affordable, professional and scalable to suit individual needs.

Who Are MSP – Managed Service Providers?

A Managed Service Provider is a firm that serves its clients’ Information Technology related needs, either through deploying its own persons or by offering centralized service via Internet (or both) on contract. The MSP’s way of working is more proactive, through continuous monitoring of client systems with the intent of preventing occurrence of problems rather than fixing them after occurrence.

Types Of Service Covered By Managed Service Providers

MSPs can offer an appropriate package of service that suits the customer best both technically and economically. One can enter into contract with them on a yearly basis and renew it based on satisfactory performance. A MSP can offer

  • Desktop, Server and network management and maintenance including VPN, protective systems against Virus, Spyware and other threats, systematic data backup and recovery, Patch management, IT asset management, software installation and distribution.
  • Managing of Laptops, notebooks, WAN and wireless network including Identification management, network storage etc.
  • A choice of service options like Remote Control (through Internet), On-site Management or service visits on-call from within a driving distance (depending on client’s location etc).

The Benefits Of Utilizing Managed It Service Providers

  • They can solve 80% of the most common computer problems through preventive maintenance.
  • 24×7 monitoring and troubleshooting including tele-support and on-line support
  • They can prevent potential threats from occurring by automated real-time, remote monitoring and doing systematic patch and vulnerability scans.
  • Offering liaison with vendors for optimal Hardware and software selection

By entering into contract with a well-established and reputed MSP, one of the greatest benefits would be the availability of a talent pool of technicians possessing accumulated knowledge of solutions to problems gained by concurrently serving several organizations, to quickly resolve problems.

The customer gets all these benefits affordable cost, at predictable monthly fees, without the head ache of adding and managing in-house man-power.

Managing technology is getting more and more complicated every day. With internet becoming an inevitable part of networking, the security threats too are becoming extremely tough to handle without increased specialist support. So the best course available to SMBs seems to be to leave it to the professionals. With them in charge, a businessman can now concentrate on running his core business more efficiently.

Myke Schwartz, PEI

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