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PEI’s Three Main Support Models and Why You Should Care

By August 31, 2017August 5th, 2022Blog, Complete Managed Care, Managed Services
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Before I dive into the support options, here’s a little bit more about PEI for those unfamiliar with our services. PEI is a technology consultancy and service provider. We focus on several core areas of technology: Infrastructure, Networking, Unified Communications, Virtualization, and Managed Services—with security always top of mind. By partnering with industry-leading companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, HP, and VMware, we enable our clients to realize the competitive value of technology solutions that drive real business results. We map a solution set that ensures your company has the essential tools needed to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

PEI was founded in 1988. With over 29 years of experience, we have implemented thousands of successful IT projects. Our Information Technology engineering team is second to none, composed of highly experienced and professional individuals. Our mission is to architect and deliver Solutions that effectively address our customer’s business challenges. PEI drives customer value through efficiencies, cost savings, and successful project outcomes.

We understand that each client’s needs are different from the next and hiring a fulltime employee to offset IT workloads or maintain an entire organization can be too cost prohibitive or that employee may have a specific skill set specific to a certain technology. In comes PEI’s three main support models.

  1. Managed Services: As businesses become more reliant on IT to operate efficiently, the resources to support an increasingly complex IT environment can fall to the wayside. In many businesses, IT staff can quickly become overwhelmed with the day-to-day responsibilities of keeping the business crucial applications and daily systems checks up and running. Our Managed Services let you offload specific or routine, IT operations allowing your IT staff to focus on higher value projects, which will benefit what really matters – your business! Our team of engineers act as an extension of your IT department, taking care of your infrastructure with proactive monitoring 24/7/365. This proactive approach will ensure everything is up to date and allows us to address any issues before the problem impacts you, your business, and your clients.
  1. Prepaid Block of Dollars: This is a great option if you’d prefer a capital expense. All prepaid blocks start at $5,000. Our average hourly rate is around $225/hour—keep in mind this is just an average. As all IT problems vary, and our rates fluctuate depending on the level of service required (please inquire about rates). If you take the average of $225/hour, for 5k you’ll receive approximately 22 hours of T&M support. Not only that, but the blocks are valid for a full two years from date of purchase!
  1. Time and Material: T&M is just that—once PEI’s Consulting Services Agreement (CSA) is on file, you or a designated member of your team can open a ticket 24×7. PEI’s senior-level engineering staff will be able to address your problem in a timely manner to come to a resolution as soon as possible. Hands down, our staff has the most experience across workloads and technologies throughout the Rocky Mountain region.

If you’re interested in ongoing support and shopping the competition, look no further. Our flexible options can be customized to each client’s specific needs. Feel free to reach us anytime at 303-786-7474 or email me directly at

Matt Dixon, PEI

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