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Lync Tool Belt #7: Making Phone Calls with Lync

By December 20, 2011September 10th, 2020Blog, Lync Server 2010, Lync Tool Belt, Microsoft

Lync Tool Belt #7: Making Phone Calls with Lync

Microsoft Lync allows you to place phone calls with one click.  When you are browsing through webpages or search engines a small blue phone icon will appear.  By clicking this icon, you will instantly be placing a phone call through Lync.

You can also manually dial a number straight into Lync.  On the Lync interface you can click over to the phone icon and a key pad will appear.  From this screen you can dial any number.  Once you are in a call and need to maybe press “1” or enter a pin number you can do this as well.  Within the Lync call screen you can expand the keypad again to enter in any additional numbers.

Another neat feature that Lync has built in, is when you dial a number it gives you a list of people that are on your contact list that match that number.  This includes contacts home, mobile, desk and lync phone numbers.  From this screen you can then click the drop down arrow next to the desired contact and choose which number you wish to place a call to.

Show how to place calls using Microsoft Lync


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