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Lync Tool Belt #4: How to Federate with Other Lync Users

By November 22, 2011February 21st, 2023Blog, Lync Server 2010

Lync Tool Belt #4: How to Federate with Other Lync Users

This is a very useful tool that Microsfot included in Lync.  I not only can have a list of all my co-workers on my Lync interface, but also other people outside my organization that have Lync implemented as well.  This makes getting a hold of vendors or other clients just as easy as contacting someone at my office.

To federate with other Lync users:

  1. Click on the search bar above your contact list
  2. Start typing in the name of the person you would like to ferderate with
  3. A search should automatically pop up with choices of people to federate with
  4. Find the person that you want to federate with
  5. Hover over the contact and click the drop down menu next to the + button
  6. Select which list you would like that contact to be listed under
  7. This contact will now show up in your Lync interface, revealing their presence and ways to contact them

-Andrea Leonhardt, PEI


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