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Lync Mobility service fails to install

By November 28, 2012June 7th, 2022Blog, Lync Server 2010, Lync Tool Belt, Microsoft

Found an interesting situation when trying to install the Lync Mobility services recently. We had run through all the steps, had set the ports, etc, and when it came time to run the Bootstrapper to have the MCX service installed, it wouldn’t. It just kept skipping over it and never even attempted to install.

After looking at this for a while, we were led down several paths that were wrong. One was that we thought that the Mobility services were having issues installing due to Lync being installed on the “E:” drive. We even went so far as to bring up another Standard Edition FE in the site. That server too was having the same issue getting the MCX service to install.

We started looking at the basics again and realized that Replication wasn’t happening. We looked at the services and found that the Replication service was running but the File Transfer Agent was not.

Once replication was successful the MCX service installed as expected.

Adam Ball, PEI


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