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Lync Mobile Clients are Here!

Microsoft just announced the update to Lync Server 2010 that enables new Lync mobile clients!

Organizations have been calling for better Lync mobility and the new Lync mobile clients are here to help you stay connected, communicate and conference on the go.  The Mobile clients for Microsoft Lync 2010 take the power of unified communications mobile.  They include rich presence, instant messaging, audio conferencing, and calling features from a single easy-to-use interface.

The key features include:

–         Joining conferences with a single touch – NO access codes or PIN numbers required.

–         Stay connected, while controlling your availability.  See who’s available at a glance and connect over Instant Messaging, email or call.  Set your own status and notification settings so you can stay in touch while protecting your “off work” time.

–         Communicate with others using a single, consistent identity.  Call-via-work allows outbound calls using
your Enterprise Voice number, making it easier to recognize calls from the Lync mobile client.

–         Connect with confidence through channel encryption, transport layer security (TLS) support, and perimeter/internal network protection that help safeguard your communications.

We’ve heard an almost unanimous call from all of our customers to address a mobile strategy for their organization.  Whether you have Lync or are considering Lync, we’ve got some great ideas to make this a reality.  If you need to understand the timing and availability of Lync mobile clients, give PEI a call at 303-786-7474 or contact us at

-Tim Krueger, PEI


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  • Sugel says:

    Holger B. • Yes, the mobile service has to be deployed before you can use the mobile clients. We have also to wait for the mobile deployment guide.

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