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Lync is Here!

Lync is Here!

Yesterday, Microsoft officially launched its latest version of the Unified Communications platform, Lync Server 2010.  While this information is not new too many of you, it is an exciting time to take a look at all the new benefits of running on Lync.  First and foremost, Lync will now be able to support voice on a virtual platform and connect directly to a voice gateway.  Previously to run OCS (R2), a physical, Mediation Server, was needed.  With Lync now phasing out the need of a physical box, your company can continue to reap the benefits of virtualization and better utilize your existing gateway.

The voice enhancements are also not to be forgotten.    With features such as branch office resiliency, data center resiliency, call admission control (enhanced bandwidth management), and call park.  Having branch office’s continue to be up and running in the case of a disaster was important for Microsoft and with Lync they’ve have succeeded.  These are only a few of the benefits of Lync Server 2010 with many more and I for one, am excited to see this day come.

-Arash Zadeh. PEI

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