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Lync External Pool Name and Lync Mobility

By March 21, 2012February 23rd, 2023Blog, Lync Server 2010, Lync Tool Belt

Lync External Pool Name and Lync Mobility

Here is another tidbit that I came across recently while working with a client. When we setup Lync for them originally, they wanted their internal and external pool names to be exactly the same. At the time, there was no reason it couldn’t be from a technical reason so that is what they chose to do.

With the release of Lync Mobility, we now have a technical reason that the internal and external pool names cannot be the same. The Lync Mobile client is dependent on the web services to sign in and due to how Lync Mobility works, if your pool names are the same, it won’t properly utilize the external web services.

The reason we want to utilize the external web services is so that if you switch from an internal wireless to say a 3G connection, the Lync Mobile client will be able to stay connected. The Lync Mobile service is built with the idea that internal clients will actually use “hair-pinning” in order to sign in. That is, they will go out the firewall and come back in the same interface so that they are accessing Lync Mobility as if they were outside the corporate network.

If you are wanting to implement Lync Mobility, the lesson learned is make sure your internal and external pool names are different.

Adam Ball, PEI


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