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Lync Conference ID’s

Here are at PEI, we do a lot of Lync Conferences. Almost every meeting is scheduled as a Lync meeting. One of the big issues that people run into is what happens when we have back to back Lync meetings. By default in Lync, everyone has a conference ID. Also by default, the conference ID doesn’t change with each meeting. This can lead to some issues if you are in a Lync meeting that runs long and people for your next meeting start joining.

This issue can be avoided though by customizing the meeting invite. To do this, when creating a meeting, click on the Meeting Options button in the invite (NOTE: My default conference ID is 299xx):


In the Lync Meeting Options, select “A new meeting space”:


You can also set up unique admission controls for people to by-pass the lobby, etc.

Hit Ok and you’ll notice that the Conference ID in the Meeting Invite changes:


Now, when back to back meetings occur, we can ensure that attendees from one meeting don’t get placed into a conference with attendees from another.

Adam Ball, PEI

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