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Lync: Changing the Way We do Business

By March 30, 2012June 7th, 2022Blog, Lync Server 2010

Lync: Changing the Way We do Business

It was really great to participate in a live demonstration with a prospect and begin using these products at work and see the power of Microsoft’s Lync. I guess I’ve been a little old school and have always been the one to pick up the phone a ‘reach out and touch someone’. What a big step up the food-chain to see who is available to reach out to, how long they will be gone or just what their current status is. Even better, a quick Instant Message (IM) and I can get my quick question answers without having to wait for them to complete their current call. The coolest part is being able to ‘federate’ with people outside of the same company. Friends and colleagues from all over the world can have visibility into my status and know if I can talk to them now or in an hour.

It’s like Skpe on every desktop. And it’s Free, no minutes to worry about, all VOIP.

It does reinforce one basic point and one fundamental change for those of us that have grownup over the last 30 years in the computer revolution, proprietary PBXs, etc..…Telephony is just application on the net.

-Brent Cherry, PEI


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