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Looking back to know what is up ahead

By January 19, 2011September 2nd, 2020Blog, Microsoft, , Unified Communications

Looking back to know what is up ahead

Do you remember what life was like just ten years ago?  Gmail?  This was made public in ’04.  Facebook? Nope, that wasn’t even around until ’04.  How about twitter?  Nope, that was in ’06.  Wikipedia?  Yup, that was here 10 years ago, but it had just started.  Sure we had email, the browser, pagers, clunky cell phones and .v90 or .v92 modems.  Do you miss those days?  I know that I sometimes do since it meant that I wasn’t always on/always available.

What is next?  Are you ready for a world where no matter where you are friends can know your location, how long you have been there, what you purchased or did there?  I hope so because that world already exists.  Both Microsoft and Cisco are helping us move business to an always connected, always available world with their Unified Communications suites.

Lync is Microsoft’s updated Unified Communications platform which I have been playing with for the past couple of weeks simply as an end user.  The user interface is clean, intuitive and easy to customize so that those contacts that I often interact with are easily found.  Co-workers can also find me and ask questions and get answers much more quickly since they already know my status and don’t have to wait like we used to with e-mail.  Call quality is great, as is the ability do all of this off of my laptop no matter where I am.

What do you see coming?  What do you use now on a daily basis that you didn’t 10 years ago?

-Josh Sidwell, PEI

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