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Learning to be a juggler with Microsoft Unified Communications

By January 31, 2012June 7th, 2022Best Practices, Blog

Learning to be a juggler with Microsoft Unified Communications

As technology consultants and engineers we preach to our prospective and current clients every day about technology enabling businesses and the success of organizations.  I’ve been selling technology for over 15 years and it has never been more evident to me that this is absolutely a truth.  I’ve had the enormous joy of welcoming my first child this past November and with her arrival came the instantaneous job of ‘juggler’.  I’ve never been to the circus but I’ve seen jugglers on the street and let me tell you it’s not as easy as it looks.  My metaphorical jugging of course is the work, life, family set that we working parents must balance and try to do it well.

Fortunately for me I work for a technology company that has has daily routine of practicing what we preach. Each employee has a laptop, headset, camera and cell phone. Doesn’t sound remarcable but oh the things we can do. Today for instance I was booked back to back with meetings, lunch dates, proposals and family. I had such limited time I wasnt sure how to get it all done. In fact I’m finishing this article on my smartphone while waiting for a doctor’s appointment. But I was able to do it through the magic of integrated phone, video and document sharing. Namely Microsoft.

While working on a document I needed an answer from my engineer, I saw from my Lync window that he was on the road and called his cell, conferenced in my client and finished his proposal. I then uploaded it to Sharepoint where my director could approve at his leasure and emailed the client directly when he was done. 1 down.

Then while on my way to a lunch meeting my mobile Lync client alerted me to an instant message from my purchasing manager. I used my Bluetooth headset to call him and finish an order that had to ship today. 2 down.

During my lunch meeting I realized my client needed me on a video conference in about 20 minutes and I was an hour from my office. I pulled into a coffee shop with wireless, logged in and used the same Bluetooth headset to do a video call and answer their questions. Realizing they needed more of my time but I had to hit the road again I seemlessly transferred the call without them knowing to my cell and jumped into my car. 3 down.

Now I am finishing this ariticle on my smartphone 4 down 1 to go…and hope the doctor can be as efficient and on time as I am with Lync so I can have dinner with my family. Whew. And now the doctor is 20 minutes late …she must not she using Microsoft tools. PEI can definately help her and your organization become expert jugglers in this crazy circus we call life.

-Jennifer Smith, PEI


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