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It’s Just a Phone System

By May 18, 2012June 7th, 2022Blog

It’s Just a Phone System

When we approach a client to discuss the possibilities that the latest technologies can offer we often make things more complicated then need be. For instance one of the largest enterprise applications that has been driving change inside businesses in the past 10 years is voice over IP. Yes there are still many companies that have not adopted this tool and some even still afraid to do so. If they happen to be on a lease or just ‘waiting till their PBX breaks’ there are many reasons they have not migrated to VoIP and often times IT consultants will give them one more. It’s too complicated!

It is always the best approach to start with the clients business initiatives or desired business improvements when mapping technologies. However when they have been and are currently using an archaic tool it’s incredibly easy to jump to conclusions that they need or want all the latest possibilities now available. When you sit down with a client now versus 10 years ago the abilities to integrate chat (IM), presence, email, voice, video, online meetings and more is absolutely staggering. No wonder client shut down after the first few features. You deliver the “it’s a paradigm shift” and “this can change the way our business works” speech and when it’s all over they deliver to you the dreaded “I just need a phone system”. You’ve lost them!

So how do we retool our ideas on presenting VoIP to companies that have not made the leap off of a standard PBX? Maybe start with “it’s just a phone system” and see where that goes. Then you can begin mapping their other business initiatives (increase productivity, remote works, multiple offices, etc) to the other tool. Start simple and work your way out to enhanced solution. Funny, start simple. I’m sure I’ve heard that somewhere before.

Jennifer Smith, PEI


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