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IT Mega Trend #2 – Consumerization of IT

By October 23, 2013September 9th, 2020Blog, Hot Technology Topics

PEI’s IT Mega Trends – “Mega” Game Changers in Business


Trend 1: Explosive Growth in Data/Use of Big Data in business decision making


  • The data created daily (2.5 Quintillion byes, 10 to the 18th.) is staggering
  • Data is doubling every 2 years
  • 90% of all data ever created is in the last 2 years
  • Mountains of data left behind by every user. Searches, Communications, transactions, social networking, etc., are driving a demand to use that data to further business and research (Big Data concept)
  • Big Data – capture, sort and analyze data on a real-time basis
  • Given the tools, more and more SMB’s are able to tap data, understand their customers and anticipate need

Right now, LESS THAN 5% of SMB Leaders have real time access to information to make decisions


  • Shortage of Storage/run out of space
  • Inability to access data or use it for analysis
  • Backup, retention and Disaster Recovery impacts


  • Common architectural modifications (network, server, storage)
  • Redundant site and disaster recovery planning

Trend 2: Consumerization of IT


  • Concept of Consumer driven innovation – Smartphones, Tablets, Touch devices, integrated whole house systems, App Stores
  • Device Sprawl. Employees now have 3-4 devices each
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is encroaching on traditional IT
  • Employees are bringing in non-PCs and expecting connectivity
  • Employees expect personal tools to work behind the firewall
  • Growing expectations by business users for systems and applications to look and perform like consumer offerings (i.e. iPad)
  • Corporations are faced with Policy, Security and Expenses
  • Cloud resources are decentralizing IT budgets and decision makers
  • The big losers in this are going to include “Old content players, IT Admin (lots of danger and possible loss of control), traditional PCs and notebooks, organizations with lack of vision
  • Business Units are now procuring their own platforms, infrastructure and SaaS (According to Gartner – 30% of Tech spending by business units is outside of IT Control by 2014. By 2020, that is expected to be 80-90%
  • IT Department relevance will change drastically
  • IT will no longer lead purchases on many technology decisions
  • IT will be increasingly be brought into support integration of these systems into corporate systems
  • Organizations may actually spend more without centralized IT controlling costs and subscriptions (Amazon cloud example)


  • System and Network Administration
  • Licensing
  • Security
  • Network performance
  • Wireless accessibility and performance
  • Cloud resource accessibility and performance


  • BYOD strategies and budgeting
  • Scaling Networks, bandwidth
  • Wireless design
  • Storage
  • Provisioning
  • Hybrid Cloud design
  • System Management and Managed Services
  • Asset Management and Licensing strategies
  • Corporate Policy

Trend 3: Accelerated Connectivity


  • Rapid growing desire for connectivity – growth in devices
  • New technologies create new issues (video, voice, cloud, Work From Home, hoteling
  • Connectivity is driving the experience and the On-Line experience will need to deal with bandwidth
  • Most organizations have a huge disconnect between user “desire” and actual bandwidth
  • High content applications are driving bandwidth
  • Demand for Any Device, Anywhere with the same user experience. This is the concept of Transparent Computing.
  • Worldwide investment in Cloud and Connectivity is only going to increase this demand. (Look at what Cisco, Microsoft are spending)


  • Poor performance
  • Bad customer experiences
  • Inability to bring new technologies online
  • Loss of business agility


  • Network Architecture
  • Wireless Design
  • Bandwidth and demand assessment
  • Provisioning
  • Comprehensive UC strategies

The Solution

  • You can figure this out yourself, or you can tap partners who do this all of the time
  • For organization, department and job preservation, take a proactive approach and lead from the front
  • Become well versed in these Megatrend and be able to discuss them with your Business and Technical Decision Makers. They probably already feel it, but are uncertain what to do.
  • Start with a PEI Assessment and Planning session
  • Factor these changes into the budget
  • Learn to speak with the other Line of Business Managers to understand what they need and what’s being presented to them

If you are interested in speaking more in depth about planning your 2014 IT Budget or these IT Mega Trends feel free to contact PEI directly at 303-786-7474 or email us at PEI is happy to do an assessment of your environment and help plan and architect a custom solution for your organization

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