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InfoSight: Now that’s Awesome!

By September 11, 2013September 9th, 2020Blog, Nimble Storage

I was in a meeting recently when I got to see Nimble’s InfoSight for the first time and wow, was it impressive.  I cannot begin to count the number of times I’ve had a client call me or our engineers in a complete panic as they’ve fully filled their SAN’s, and as we all know, that’s bad news!  Nimble Storage, thinking somewhat out of the box, thought, “Hey, let’s create something that will inform of and give us a health check on our SANs so we aren’t fully populating the SANs”. Genius, right?

As I looked into the InfoSight capabilities more, I was very impressed with what they have to offer.  In addition to some of the capacity monitoring, the InfoSight tool does proactive issue resolution, meaning that if they see a common issue across a similar set of SAN environments, then a proactive measure is taken to fix the problem.  In fact, I’ve heard that a “helpdesk” ticket is opened automatically for you, so that you are aware of problems long before the boss calls you saying he/she can’t save a file.  The biggest concern that I had though, was whether or not Nimble is collecting your data.  I looked into this a bit further and all information they are collecting would be considered general analytics and not client specific data.

Check out the Nimble website for more information on this helpful tool:

Arash Zadeh, PEI

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