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Why It is Important to Personalize Your Workspace

By May 24, 2017September 16th, 2020Best Practices, Blog
Personalized Workspace

The spaces we occupy influence how we act and who we become.

If you constantly surround yourself with drag, boring views, you may find the color draining from your life.  If you surround yourself with things and pictures that inspire and motivate you, you may find yourself being more upbeat and positive.

Studies have shown that employees who are not allowed to decorate their spaces and who work in open-office settings have far more stress and far less work satisfaction than those who decorate and have a walled office space.  If you aren’t able to have both of these stress reducing conditions, it’s even more important for you to decorate your workspace.

Working in an open-office environment can be stressful and distracting.  Having mementos of home or pictures of your family give your eyes and brain a calming space to look at in the midst of the chaos.  Taking the time to make your workspace feel personal increases your sense of commitment  to your job and increases work productivity.

Tips for Decorating Your Workspace

If possible, bring natural light into your space.  If natural light isn’t available, just make sure your area is well lit.  It is also beneficial to bring plants into your workspace.  Plants calm your brain down and lower your stress levels.

Keep your workspace neat and tidy.  Having to search for papers in a sea of clutter will stress you out.  Find an organization system that works for you and stick to it.

Decorate using your favorite colors.  Everywhere you look in your workspace should bring a smile to your face.  Be careful not to over-decorate though, as clutter will counter-act all of the positive impacts these tips inspire.

Brandi-Ann Moore, PEI

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