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How Nimble is Changing Storage: A conversation with Nimble CEO Suresh Vasudevan

By August 5, 2013September 9th, 2020Blog, Nimble Storage

I recently came across an interview done by with Nimble CEO Suresh Vasudevan, and found his insight to be very interesting. Seeing him answer questions that I get daily about not only Nimble’s product line, but about their corporate culture is hugely helpful in looking at their storage offering.

As a Nimble partner and seller of the product, I found the question regarding what Suresh is asked the most about his products to be the most relevant to me. Almost every client has asked me the question, “Will Nimble be bought?” (stemming from PTSD caused by HP’s LeftHand support experiences, I imagine). The answer I have been given from Nimble holds true with Suresh’s answer, “We are steadfast in our path to building a sustainable stand-alone company…” As of now, Nimble’s support team is outstanding, so hopefully they will be able to continue this excellent support as a competitive advantage in an industry of, let’s call it ‘underwhelming’, support.

Click the link below to read the full conversation with Suresh, and meet the leadership that is taking Nimble from a startup to a powerhouse in the storage community!

A Conversation with Suresh Vasudevan, CEO of Nimble Storage

Dan Fisher, PEI


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