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How Do You See UC?

By October 31, 2011September 2nd, 2020News

How Do You See UC?

PEI has been involved in the IT Business for a long time.  After over 23 years and thousands of projects, we’ve been a part of almost every major shift in business IT strategy.  Many of these changes were short-lived and could only be adopted by specific industry segments, but there were also were a few that were profound and ubiquitous.

In the late 1980’s, the Internet was emerging and organizations began to develop a new presence.  In the 1990’s we helped hundreds of organizations integrate office automation and E-Mail.  Can you imagine business without email?  At the start of the new millennia, Voice over IP took businesses by storm.

In the last couple of years, we see another “perfect storm” emerging with profound implications for those organizations bold enough to grasp the impact and benefits to their organization and customers.  How we do business, communicate, collaborate and interact with our co-workers is undergoing a fundamental change that will once again sort out successful organizations, and those in decline.

We don’t believe we’re overstating the impact of Unified Communications when we call it the next great mega-trend in IT.  It’s not a matter of whether you adopt a Unified Communications strategy; it’s a matter of WHEN you adopt it.

There are dozens of reasons to embrace Unified Communications.  The industry is flooded with Whitepapers, Business Justifications, Return on Investment Models and Case Studies.  Business decision makers are inundated with information that all points to the same conclusion – Unified Communications makes good business sense.  If you still need proof, I encourage you to speak with our experts and our customers.

Like any emerging technology, there’s a lot to learn, understand and translate into a model that fits your business.  That’s where PEI comes in.  PEI began on the UC journey over 10 years ago.  We’ve committed our organization to being expert in UC.   Whether you’re just starting to understand UC, or have already started and need to “take it to the next level”, PEI is uniquely suited to serve as your GO TO partner.  Questions about the how the cloud fits in?  Questions about Return on Investment?  Questions about developing a long term strategy?  Concerns about culture and adoption?  PEI can address all of these.  We’ve crafted our business to help you navigate this perfect storm and emerge unscathed.

We’re here to help. Investing a few minutes of your time to find out what PEI can do for you may be the best investment you’ve made in years.

-Tim Krueger, PEI

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