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Have you heard about Gist?

By November 22, 2010August 28th, 2020Blog

Have you heard about Gist?

Gist is a new social networking tool to help one keep in touch with contacts (i.e., blogs, calendars, tweets, contacts company websites, etc.). With Gist’s cool dashboard, one may organize and rank information flowing in from disparate and meaningful sources.

Gist lets one use great tools to organize their content. Gist also has the ability to filter on date, content source, Importance, tag… to obtain the right amount of information. Gist also has intuitive tools to share articles right from the Dashboard. One may connect with contacts via email, post to Facebook or Twitter and reach out in a quick and personal way.

My favorite aspect of Gist is how it allows one to connect their calendar and prepare for future interactions. One can rapidly find a phone number, photo, news or an attachment for everyone that is meeting.

Gist is relatively new and they are still in a rapid improvement phase. For starters, they are working on improving their artificial intelligence like features. With all that the Gist service provides, they spend a lot of time tuning their data infrastructure. They are consistently releasing performance improvements and enhancements to the Gist Importance algorithm. Changes like these are rolled out in stages, so over time one will see more accurate importance calculation including improvements in the performance of the Gist service.

To find Gist, just go to

-Randy Trahan, PEI

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