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Ground Up

By May 10, 2012June 7th, 2022Blog

Ground Up

Many times our business revolves around helping small to mid-size (50-2000 user) organizations design, implement and support enterprise grade solutions for their organizations. While that is the primary focus of PEI, we have also helped many smaller, start-up organizations get going from the ground up. Given the family business nature of PEI, we can understand the pains that start up go through when they are looking for that initial IT set up. Below are a few points that PEI takes into consideration when helping newer organizations get started from the ground up:

– Cloud, on premise, or combination

o Determining how you would like your company set up is critical. We can help address the pro’s and con’s of each choice so that the best decision possible can be made

– User adoption

o You must consider the “tech savvy-ness” of your workers when setting up the technical foundation of your company. Depending on how you think your workforce will react to newer technologies, the implementation plan will change to adapt to your users.

– Growth

o This is probably the biggest factor when deciding what tools to implement. While every new business owner has very lofty growth expectations, sometimes those growth expectations come with a large cost. Implementing the right solutions, with growth in mind, is the key to any technology investments an organization can make.

Arash Zadeh, PEI



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