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Great Technology at Your Fingertips

By October 19, 2010August 28th, 2020Blog, Hot Technology Topics

Great Technology at Your Fingertips

Many times in sales I get so caught up in the technology and selling that I forget the greatness that our technologies bring to clients and even ourselves.  I’ve decided with this blog post that I write about a recent personal experience at a client site.  

I have been working with a customer for some time now on a major infrastructure refresh and given the complexity of the project, we have gone through many iterations of the proposal.  At a recent meeting, onsite at the client site, we were reviewing the latest version of the proposal and there were some adjustments that needed to be made.  Traditionally in a situation like this, I take notes on what needs to be changed, go back to the office, make them, email them to the client, wait for notes and the cycle continues. 

Not this time!  While in the meeting, I was able to access the proposal through our web-based SharePoint services, download the proposal, make the changes, and give it to the client right then and there.  Not only did having this technology at my disposal save me time, but it also made for a happy client as they could now proceed internally with our proposal without a 24 hour turnaround that it used to take.  Having such tools at your fingertips really does impact business in a positive way and I recommend anyone who has a sales team where situations like mine arise on a regular basis, to invest into these technologies as they will see results almost immediately. 

-Arash Zadeh, PEI

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