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Ask Their IT Provider About VMWare’s vSphere Storage Appliance for Small and Medium Businesses

By December 19, 2011August 23rd, 2022Blog, New Product Releases & Upgrades, Virtualization

Five Reasons Why Small and Medium Businesses Should Ask Their IT Provider About

VMWare’s vSphere Storage Appliance

  1. If your company doesn’t already have shared storage (a SAN) you might not need to spend the money on one: VSA is software that transforms the internal storage from your servers into a virtualized shared storage resource.
  2. Since its software, you won’t have to worry about the costs associated with hardware maintenance (new power
    supplies, replacement parts, etc.)  You will also reduce your energy footprint, since it’s one less piece of equipment to plug in to the wall.
  3. If you already own a vCenter license, you already own your VSA management tool.  The VSA is configured through vCenter, so you can manage your virtual environment from one single source.
  4. Setting up VSA only takes moments, since there isn’t the pesky hardware or cabling to plug in while setting it up.
  5. You can still utilize the availability features of the typical vSphere/shared storage set up, like high availability, vMotion and Fault Tolerance.

Link to VSA on VMWare’s website:

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