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Fast Backup and Recovery of your Virtual Machines

By March 2, 2012June 1st, 2022Blog, Hot Technology Topics, Virtualization

Fast Backup and Recovery of your Virtual Machines

Many organizations have gone to some level of a virtual infrastructure. With this change many organizations are wondering what the best solution is for back up and recovery of their virtual assets. One solution is VMwares Data Recovery solution.

Many backup products write their data to tape, which is great as a longterm storage solution but it is often a difficult and time consuming solution if you need to restore your data. VMware Data Recovery protects against data loss in your virtual environment by enabling fast backups to disk and most importantly fast and complete recovery.

Data Recovery is an easy to deploy solution that is a virtual machine that runs on VMware ESX and ESXi hosts. Another great benefit is that it allows you to restore both individual files or entire images as needed. You also have the ability to use vCenter Server for a centrally managed console.

VMware Data Recovery utilizes built in data de-duplication technology to save significant disk space. The technology eliminates duplicate storage blocks as your backup data is streamed to disk. Data Recovery also allows you to maintain multiple point in time copies of VMs but only use a fraction of the storage. De-duplication operation occurs as the VM backup is stored to disk to efficiently utilize the backup window and available resources.

Check out Vmwares Data Recovery tool as an option to help with the back up and recovery of your virtual machines. A great, cost effective easy to use tool!

Jon A. Eyberg, PEI


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