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Huddle Collaboration at Any Distance with Polycom RealPresence Centro

By November 15, 2016August 5th, 2022Blog, Hot Technology Topics
Polycom RealPresence Centro used in office meeting

To keep in the theme of the last couple of months of long-distance-working-productivity, this month I continued to think about my trip to Budapest for a month and the things that could also be of use on future trips that take me away from the office.  Over the last couple of months, I found that I could be as productive working remotely with Office 365 and Skype for Business as technology has advanced to allow the ever-growing-population of Mobile Professionals.  So with that working as well as it did I decided to look into what I could, or really anyone could use to be productive while also eliminating the restraint of having to be at the office.

While being on the other side of the planet, one thing I missed was the ability to speak with my peers face-to-face.  There is something to be said about having a good discussion with your co-workers and collaborating on projects and discussing goals.  While an email or a bulletin can do the trick, it’s important to have that contact with one another. As business needs change and also grow, companies now have many locations throughout the state, city, country and even the world.  With employees scattered all about challenges come in regards to keeping communication.

Polycom has come up with a solution to this issue and I have to say, it’s pretty fantastic.  RealPresence Centro is bringing people together and eliminating the issue of distance.  Not just a video conferencing on its own, Polycom has found a way to bring the personal touch to this solution.  The name Centro is the meaning behind this, bringing everyone to the center.  You’re able to have a close huddle and feel like you’re right next to everyone as if they were in the same room.  Polycom boasts on its site, “Learn better when all senses are engaged” and “Expand your reach while reducing travel costs.”  The RealPresence Centro you are able to do just that.  Having this ability is fantastic for the simple fact that you can keep the human emotional contact with everyone you keep regular contact with.  Instead of just reading monotone emails with a signature at the end, seeing, hearing and feeling emotion is far more important and leads to much better understanding, which then leads to better success.

For all the specs and further detailed information or to try out this new technology, visit the below link:

If you’re looking for a solution to reintroduce the personal side of business, I highly recommend taking a look.

Thank you,

Alex Hoosz, PEI

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